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Updated: Jun 29, 2022

because we all go shopping in the middle of night.

TL;DR: Listen to this instead!

Quebec, December 31st 2021. As of today, we all are subjected to another useless mandated curfew from the Quebec government.

The curfew is back and it makes just about as much sense as the last one.

Who the hell is shopping in the middle of night, between 10pm and 5am? NO ONE. OK, maybe the drug dealers and sex workers are out and about, but for the most of us, it's Netflix and chill. EVEN if we had no curfew, this isn't the States, we don't have 24h Walmarts. The last time our gvmnt did this, 5 000 elderly left this earth, whether from loneliness, dehydration, malnourishment, or in some cases, freezing to death. We're supposed to "trust the science", yet this is what our Public Health department had to say:

Dans le brouillard

Mais les échos obtenus de la Santé publique font comprendre rapidement que les décisions se prennent désormais en s’appuyant sur l’intuition plutôt que sur une base scientifique formelle. Avec la multiplication des tests rapides, Québec a perdu le contrôle quant à l’évaluation du nombre de cas, qui ne sont pas nécessairement rapportés.

LaPresse, December 30th, 2021 English interpretation:

In the fog

But reports from Public Health quickly made it clear that decisions are now made on the basis of intuition rather than a formal scientific basis. With the proliferation of rapid tests, Quebec has lost control over assessing the number of cases, which are not necessarily reported.


INTUITION?!!!! We've gone off the deep end and have entered the realm of esoterism. What ever happened to two weeks to flatten the curve? Happy New Year. May the Great Reset bring you nothing but happiness - literally ;)

1-time Mint #NFT, an homage to this night that will go down in history.

18:46 31.12.2021

Like a Hair on my Soup

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