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Sometimes, I need to rant.

Since safe spaces are all the rage, I built my own. 

As Big Brother would say: expect the unexpected.
Ciao bye!


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The Politically Incorrect Store

New Store.  New Look.  New experience. Apparently you'll give me your name and email if I give you a deal, let me know if there's any truth to that:


Oh, you're fucked now! Quick, you still have time to cancel.

how to pay your bills with bitcoin.  Click here to learn more.

Bitcoin As It Was Meant To Be


Your Computer Can Save Lives.

Your computer's power to help complete jobs in research.  Earn points.  Do something.

Help Folding@home study proteins at the smallest scales by recruiting your friends and family.
Tell them about the Folding@home project, and then join or start your own team.

The more points your team earns, the more we can progress research on diseases like COVID-19, Alzheimer's disease, and cancers!

Join my team and start Folding@home for research that matters.

Input Team #1063081 when prompted during setup. 



for work blog
Need to vent? Sign up to write.


Blog Category & Podcast

I bought a van.  Shit hit the fan.  My up and coming series will recount the seemingly never-ending downward spiral my start took.

vlog about vanlife


Blog Category

Money as debt.  Financial slavery.  Epstein didn't kill himself.  Bitcoin.  If it's a #ShowerThought, it deserves a space.

a picture of me with ketchup on my forehead for a facebook contest

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I know, withdrawal is hard...

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My 6-Minute Blogs

not your cup of tea?

political nft collection


How I see the political world - in art.  One-of-a-kind, single mints.

Exclusive collections you won't find anywhere else.

The Politically Incorrect Store

Enjoy My Rants?


If not you, who? If not now, when?

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