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The Boot

So, I saw this:


and thought to myself:
"Something is off."

Could it be the lack of progress of the flag?

Perhaps the slapping of the sticker atop a Suffragette's flag?

Fixed it.

Available in sheets of 15 Kiss-Cut stickers

or as a free download so you can print-and-fly.

buy it

Your Purchase Working

When you buy a sticker sheet or make a donation, I'm not just pocketing the cash.

80% of profits/donations go to The Red Tent Collective and their efforts. They currently have petition e-4518 tabled in Canadian parliament.

The other 20% goes to the artist that put his time and skills in producing this

Reboot of The Boot.

P.S.: Please don't place this atop Suffragette flags. I know I can't stop you,

but know that I do not condone nor endorse you doing so.


Let the sticker wars begin.
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