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Fuck You

Fuck you very very muh-uh-uh-uh-uch.

Is someone pissing you off?


Do you wish you could tell that co-worker

who keeps stealing your muffin to shove it?


Here's your chance!

Get a personal Fuck You from Nat to your dearest frenemy.


It's the perfect show of appreciation for that asshole in your life.

We all have frenemies: they deserve attention

Change my mind.

It's time your frenemy got what

they deserved.


It's time to end the discrimination:

For a measly 12$,
tell your frenemy to
Fuck Off
in complete anonymity
(or not)

That's Right!

I'll do the dirty work for you. 
All you need is 12$ and the email address you want to send it to.

I'll even make it a reel so the internet can remember your moment forever and ever.

3-day turnaround time.

Your frenemies deserve to be treated as equally as those you call friends.

Order your Fuck You Today

Your Fuck You Is Ordered! Check your email for confirmation (don't forget spam!)



If it can get me arrested, I won't say it, a'ight?
You'll also lose your 12$ so don't test me.

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