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Why aren't Prime Ministers subject to "passing grades" like the rest of us?

I've taken it upon myself to petition our House of Commons.

It is currently in phase 2 of its process: requesting authorization of publication by a parliamentarian. 

What does that mean?

I gathered 5 names to support my initiative and am now asking, ugh, for permission to petition the house of Commons.

The problem: 

Until it's authorized, it's not public, so I can't share it.  But I'm @NatLaPirate and one Anto on FB made a lightbulb go off.

The lightbulb:

If you would like to sign the petition when/if it goes live, click here and drop your name and email below and I'll send you campaign updates (don't worry, I won't spam you).


Here are its contents:

Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament assembled


  • PM Trudeau declared "You'll forgive me if I don't think about monetary policy"

  • PM Trudeau's demanding outside media pay for Cdn viewership

  • PM Trudeau is incapable of basic math, as proven by, but not limited to: over-spending, expenditures, & ethics violations

  • PM Trudeau has violated Canadian Fundamental Rights by, but not limited to: horses to trample on protesters, CCP infiltration, and de-banking


We, the undersigned honest men and women living in Canada, call upon the House of Commons

To ensure the competence of officially elected Prime Ministers in Canada, legislation shall be introduced mandating the submission of proof of competency for the following subjects:

  1. Monetary Policy

  2. Math 416

  3. Economics 101: supply and demand

  4. Fundamental rights enshrined in the Canadian Bill of Rights.

Each of the aforementioned subjects shall require a written exam to be completed with a score of no less than 85% to qualify for candidacy as Prime Minister.

Make sense to you? Get on the list and I'll let you know when/if it goes public so you can sign it.

You're in! Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for campaign updates!
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