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Going Off the Deep End: Laval Bus Driver Rams Bus into Daycare, Ste-Rose area, Laval.

Updated: Feb 8

Ask me again why I left the metropolis areas.... this is devastating. Fuck.


The news is absolutely devastating and completely unacceptable - a city bus has rammed into a daycare in Laval, Quebec, leaving AT LEAST EIGHT people in the hospital.

The tragedy is compounded by reports that some of the victims are critically injured, and their lives are hanging in the balance.

This is a shocking disaster that should never have happened. We've gone off the deep end.

Reports coming in allege this was intentional.

laval bus rams daycare headline: it may have been deliberate
Laval bus rams daycare headline: it may have been deliberate

To make matters even more outrageous, authorities have not yet confirmed how many of the injured victims are kids. These innocent little lives have been thrown into chaos and danger. All of the injured have been taken to various hospitals in the Montreal area, with emergency rooms on high alert.

The police were called to the scene in Laval's Sainte-Rose district around 8:30 a.m. and quickly arrested the driver. Quebec Public Security Minister François Bonnardel described the event as "extremely tragic" and the Quebec Premier François Legault stated it was "terrible." But it's not enough to just express sympathy - they need to take action and hold this driver accountable.

The federal government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has also stated that they will provide support where needed, but what good is that when lives have already been shattered and families are left in anguish? The fact that Trudeau is "devastated" and "praying that the kids are all right" is not enough. The families of the victims and the employees of the daycare deserve real action and support.

Minister Bonnardel is reportedly "monitoring the situation" and will be on site soon, but it's too little too late.

The damage has already been done, and the pain and heartache that families are going through cannot be undone. My tots and pears are with the families and the employees of the daycare, as they navigate this horrific situation.

Mon coeur est brisé.

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