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Love Thy Neighbour: Part Deux

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Because the love never ends!

TL;DR: Listen to me rant instead


OK. Last time we spoke, I told you about the God-loving-neighbour-hating-people we had crossed paths with right here. Well, just when you think the world has given you your dose of shitheads, a new load of crap floats on in. Let's start with the manager at L'Aubainerie, a clothing store that finds itself in one of those major Walmart Smartcentres (to think I actually walked in a bought a bra...):

Right. So there we were. It had been 3 days. Inevitably, a manager came out on day three.

First impression was a stampeding rhino ready to hit me head on.

She could have just asked us to leave. But NO! Here's how our encounter went along: Me working on my computer outside,

Her: You have been here 3 days, you can't just park here and do office work.

Even if I am shopping? So sorry to have bothered you, we'll leave.

Her, tone of voice raising:

You don't get to park in front of my commerce for 3 days. You've taken the two top spots in front of the store.

Me, still smiling:

I am so sorry, we'll leave right away.


You need to get out of here now or I am calling the cops on you!

Wait... WHAT? Did she just threaten me with cops? I, who was being agreeable, who apologized, who said we would leave? REALLY?

This chick literally cranked herself up on her own. What on earth possessed this woman to come at me so aggressively is beyond comprehension. Had I been an asshole, maybe I would understand. Had I refused to cooperate, even more so. But none of that was the case and I STILL GOT A THREAT. That ended our séjour in the Supercentre quite quickly. Off we went! Next up in my Love Thy Neighbour thread, the Church! Yes, you read that correctly.



So, we were parked at the Church which hosts a municipal parking section. On day 2 a lady came out of the monestary to ask us if we needed help. She told us the president and staff were concerned about our "safety". I'd understand later by deduction that she was checking us out and had no intention of helping us. They were told why we were in town - to empty mum's nest across the street and sell her car - you would think the Church, of all places, would have understood. WRONG.

That same night the cops pulled up to our vehicules. We explained why we were in town (we were there to empty out mum's apartment and sell her car), when they realized they weren't dealing with kids, they understood (believe it or not) and left. They also confirmed that they had received a call from the oh-so-caring church. YES YES! THE CHURCH CALLED THE COPS ON US.

Not once. TWICE.

Here's the problem, though: The cops were on OUR SIDE. Every time they came around, they stopped by us to make sure everything was OK, honestly checking in on us. It became a running gag between us and them about the Church calling. A real joke. If this is the society I live in, is it much wonder why I am leaving? While we were there, we lost our cat for 21 days (she's back, now, but what a heart-wrenching month) and someone stole mum's summer tires. DONE. I'M OUT -- AND AWAY FROM HUMANS.


P.S.: The geese were cool. They may shit all over the grass, but atleast they're honest about it.

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