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So, about that Government phone call...

Updated: Jan 30


Sometimes I wonder why we vote. Why we protest. I'm going to cut the cheese and I'm lactose intolerant. You've been warned.

I mean, at the end of the day, you're essentially voting for another puppet to keep perpetuating the same thing over... and over... and over... C'mon, even Erin O'Toole, from the Conservative party of Canada, the supposed "official opposition" is just about as Liberal as Justin Trudeau, completely steering away from typical party lines -- but I digress, this article has nothing to do with political leanings, so before conclusions are drawn, let me make this point:

What I'm trying to make clear before carrying on with this absolutely bizarre phone call I received this morning, is that I have only ever given in to the fear and actually given my vote ONCE in my 39 years of existence. Another year of Harper was just too much and it broke me. So be it. I vote NON-CONFIDENCE and if you don't think that COUNTS - you don't know how the electoral system works. I do so because I don't trust ANY OF THEM. Not one. Until one starts talking about arresting and condemning corruption, abuse of power, treason, and collusion, along with reinstating the Bank of Canada (see: CoMER), they are ALL on my SHIT LIST. Now that that is out of the way, let's get to the actual point, shall we?


This morning, I received a call from a friendly government agent just doing her job. She was calling from the Révision et recours administratif office for the Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale.

She was calling to drop a doozie, a curve ball, freakin' lemons (go figure). Apparently, personal information belonging to the person named Natasha Totino were inadvertently divulged to a third party during an ongoing "case". Read it again.

Apparently, personal information belonging to the person named Natasha Totino were inadvertently divulged to a third party during an ongoing "case".

Yes indeed, folks! That government that oh-so-cares-about-you oopsied some info they should not have, and if my assumptions are correct, this third party has already published said private information on some Facebook page that I have yet to find. I'm not making shit up; I received a message on FB from my suspected 3rd party advising me that this information was now public:

"A Facebook page is now dedicated to you, all is public." - from a source I will not name so as to not give him that pleasure. He's been at this for 4 years. Obsessed, much? Another story for another article - maybe.


Information was divulged, but I can't know in regards to which dossier this happened, nor to whom. - Agent Francine Labelle's response when asked.

Right off the top of my head, not one but THREE yes THREE rights have been blatantly violated:

4. Toute personne a droit à la sauvegarde de sa dignité, de son honneur et de sa réputation.

1975, c. 6, a. 4. 5. Toute personne a droit au respect de sa vie privée.

1975, c. 6, a. 5. 54. La Charte lie l’État.

1975, c. 6, a. 54; 1999, c. 40, a. 46.

So what does Nat do? Brings this up on the phone. Uh ohs. The call ended quickly with a referral to the complaint department. Let's get something else straight; it's not by using the complaint department at a gvmnt agency that you'll truly hold agents in the wrong, accountable for their actions. The code of conduct complaint departments are just meant to make you feel better. Just think of Maxence Valade, who lost his eye in a case of police brutality. How much do you value a whole life with one eye missing? 1 million? 2 million?

These parasites need to be held ACCOUNTABLE, and we need to be playing in the digit zone they understand. 250k is POCKET CHANGE in the grand scheme of things. It's not enough of a deterrence.


And so, I proceeded to call the complaint department, but not to make a complaint, no no. I had other questions. Listen to the call. English and French.

More will come of this, but for now, I leave with this thought: If we don't start holding agents accountable NOW, to the extent where it deters others from making the same mistakes, then WHEN? How many rights need to be erased before we do something? How many more violations must we witness before standing up? I see posts for First Nations, against child trafficking, against, well, EVERYTHING. Anyways, here's my public record of what I will do. If you got this far, I have one question; how much do you value ($$$) EACH of your fundamental rights, should they be violated by those who are meant to uphold them? Let me know in the comments below. I know which number sounds good to me, but I wonder how wrong (or right) most of us think and how much we value the wrong (or right!) things. Ciao bye. #GovernmentCorruption #PolQc #QcPoli #JeSuisPUCCAP #ScottDuncanSaysHellos

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