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Why is this guy not viral?

So, I landed on this artist - actually he was sent to TL;DR Consultation, and well I can't help but introduce you to him. He's so good, viral buzzfeed type pages grab his art work and claim it to be from Japan.

I'm not even joking:

Let me introduce you North America's unheard of yet viral artist: Jessie Armand, owner, founder and artist behind Jet$et Art.

Shit, you may have even spotted his work as you fly in to Vegas. He only created a piece so big, you can see it from the plane.

Why is Jet$et Art good enough to get this blog article?

I'll let the gallery speak for itself. Enjoy this amazing artist I've only now discovered.

Check out Jet$et Art for more. You can follow Jessie on FB and IG.

#JetSetArt #StreetArt #GraffitiArt #MindBlowing #SharpieArt #SnowScultping #Murals

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