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Updated: Jul 3, 2022

TL;DR: Listen to this instead!

The total number of humans in Quebec aged 65+ in a long-term care home.

That's how many humans who may be left to dehydrate, locked in their rooms, ostracized from what semblance of a social life they could possibly have in an overcrowded and understaffed facility. That's how many humans that we (because if you think the government is not made up of humans like you and I, you need to lay off the reptilian videos) have left to waste away in diapers that you would never let your child rest in. Were you happy this morning, opening your gifts? Be thankful someone thought of you. Do you plan on having a feast today? Be thankful you're not eating powdered potatoes and what one journalist described as: "This food, a dog would want nothing of":

If 1 045 332 elderly are in the care of a broken system, we can safely assume that at least that many people are family members, right? And this being ULTRA conservative. If we start thinking about extended family members, the number will more than double.

So, the question becomes: what are you doing on Christmas day?

If you're part of the faction of society that does not have a loved one in a long-term care home in Quebec (anywhere in the world, for that matter), spare a thought. Send a Christmas card. Organize a gift drive. You've got money? Hire a chef for the home for a while. You can randomly pick one right here.

If the government handled your private bank account the way they handle public finances, woud you keep them around?

We will ALL get OLD.

If you got this far

If you're reading this and you got this far, bravo. Not an easy read during such a festive time of year. But -- if you did in fact get this far, I ask that you ponder a question: WHY is this happening (and it's nothing new, in Quebec). Well, you could do like most and point at Minister Barrette a.k.a. Jabba The Hut who, in 2016, slashed a whopping 242 million from financing elderly care. Surely, that did not help. Did that hurt? SURE! Is he to blame? NO!

You need to understand money to first understand that the bill in your pocket is debt in transit, and they are just printing that shit with no end in sight.

You need to understand WHERE that money comes from, and who is LENDING IT, thus MAKING INTEREST. If you think that's the Bank of Canada, you're wrong and have been since the '70's.

Our public debt, which finances all of this, is created by PRIVATE BANKS. Don't BELIEVE ME --- just do some research with the S.E.C. to see WHO you should be pointing fingers at. Who authorizes such things? Who is SURETY for these LOANS and when did YOU give PERMISSION for someone to SIGN on YOUR BEHALF? Did you actually think your taxes were first being used on things we need most? Since when does your DEBTOR get paid LAST? If we BORROW money, who is gaining from the INTEREST? HOW MUCH IS that interest? Can we afford to SERVICE the DEBT AND keep our infrastructure somewhere beyond having cockroaches in our health facilities and seeing nurses stage sit-ins? It's not politics, it's MATH. Maybe now you understand why, apart from one year where I let fear takeover, I have been sending the message of NO CONFIDENCE come election time. I digress.


#ScottIsAlwaysRight #Money #Debt #PolQc #QcPoli #Polcan #BankOfCanada #Chsld #LaVieDesAinésCompte P.S.: Voiding our public debt is the only way out P.P.S.: Thanks for reading.

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