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Foresight: what a bitch!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

How you don't need to become an epidemiologist to see this coming.

TL;DR: Hear it instead!

Osti de cris** de tabarn** Pardon my French. #WTF did I just read?! Am I a fortune teller? Can I see the future? No. Just a bit of logic and a hidden passion for epidemiology. (SEE: my grade 6 year book).



In 2015, some halfwit had a brilliant idea: let's bring together SIX MEDICAL SITES and turn them into ONE MEGA CENTER. The six sites brought together:

#FunFacts Why Is Chickenpox So Much Worse for Adults Than for Kids?

According to

This childhood disease is harder to fight the older you get.
Everybody knows that you need to get the chickenpox when you're young. Once you've had it, you can never catch it again, and it's way worse for adults than it is for little children — it can even be deadly, and your risks only increase the older you get. But wait ... pretty much every other disease affects small children worse than healthy adults.

OH and:

More than one-third of children with COVID-19 show no symptoms: study - University of Alberta


Power limitations force MUHC's Glen site to selectively cut off central air - Montreal Gazette

and before I forget:

MUHC issues warning about possible measles exposure at Glen site - CBC

Do I need to continue?

Let's go back to 2015! When some dumbass thought this was good idea, the first thing that came to my mind was why?! Why would you be so dumb as to risk shutting down SIX SITES because of ONE OUTBREAK? Why would that even be a risk worth taking? Well, here we are, in 2021, 6 years later, and it's happening. If you think it will stop here, you are severely mistaken. If the Glen site goes down, the whole of Montreal and its surrounding areas are going to collapse into a real healthcare crisis, and it won't be because of Covid. Where do you think they will all go? It will be the fault of the halfwit, 2 neurons short, missing a few cards in their deck asshole who thought this was the next best thing since sliced bread Gang de caves.. /end rant

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