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'Twas the night before Christmas

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'Twas the night before Christmas and
none could afford a house
some people were blaming
a fellow named Klaus.

The Prime Minister said
he would have people's backs
but it turned out his real plan
was to triple the tax.

The holidays are here
there's a gift shopping tradition
but things are more expensive
thanks to the costly coalition.

So instead, just rest,
stay home take a nap
try to forget
about the Arrive Can app.

If you hear the sound
of a reindeer's hoof,
then it's Santa, not Steven,
up on the roof.

Santa reaches down
inside of his sack,
he knows what the people want
is to have their freedoms back.

But if you hear
the sound of a convoy truck,
then the message for liberals is
end the mandates.

Jesus was born
with the hope to save every sinner,
even the ones who attend
the Press Gallery dinner.

At Christmas we celebrate
the joy that we find
and proclaim peace and love
to all people kind.

This might not be
as good as Cuzner's last riff,
I just hope it won't get me shot
by journo Dale Smith.

'Twas the night before Christmas,
Inflation is the worst
The conservatives have a leader
who will put the people first.

A little addition
from Nat La Pirate;
they're all full of shit,
but this tune is on track.

We should void the debt,
Poilievre's a bad bet,
but it's so fun to see
debates that make sense.

#Politricks #Christmas #VoidTheDebt #JustInflation

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